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Ready Reference Sources


Information Please Almanac

World statistics plus history, entertainment, sports, news and more.

The Old Farmer's Almanac

Find out about the weather, get recipes, tidal info and don't forget the Puzzle of the Day!


Atlas of the U.S.

Maps of every city.

Google Maps

Get directions, view related addresses, streeviews and more.

Web pages for embassies around the world.


Plot a trip from anywhere to anywhere!


The search system allows you to find words beginning with, ending with, or containing, specified letters in multiple languages.

A thesaurus, a dictionary, an encyclopedia, quotations and Gray's Anatomy. A mini-reference shelf online.

Free Online Language Translator

Translate text, email or websites in 15 languages.

iTools! Language Tools

General and topical dictionaries, thesauruses, web page translators, rhyming dictionaries.

OneLook Dictionaries

Searches 726 online dictionaries at once!

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

This dictionary lets you describe a concept, ask a question or state a definition and get a word list back. Great for crossword puzzlers!

The Rhyme Zone

Type in a word here and you can search for rhymes on 1, 2,3, and 4 syllables. If you prefer, you can search for synonyms, related words, similar-sounding words, or that word as used in Shakespeare's work and other quotations.


Funk and Wagnall's

An online encyclopedia brought to you through


A free encyclopedia written collaboratively by people from all around the world. Articles include links to related subjects, cross-referencing and citations.

World Book Online

Search the whole of this encyclopedia includia maps, images, historical documents and articles. Library card required.


The Statewide Reference Resource. Phone, email or chat online with a librarian or use the statewide online resources.

Ocean State Libraries

Search all the public libraries in RI.


Search the university libraries of RI, including Brown, URI and PC.

Internet Public Library

A library in cyberspace offering online resources, reference assistance and more.

Library of Congress

Search the catalogue of the largest library in the world



Hundreds of searchable full text works of classic and popular fiction, as well as reference materials.

An interactive conversion calculator or many measurement systems. Covers weight, distance/length, volume, area, speed, temperature and more.


These databases include Auto Repair, Magazine Index, Alternative Health, Pharmacology Database, a general Encyclopedia, an Animal Encyclopedia, Current Topic Search, NoveList Reader's Advisory and much more. Library card required.

KnowPlay: Reference

This site takes you to the best places to look up definitions, quotes, acronyms, country info and more.

The Universal Currency Converter

Convert dollars to dinars or whatever you need!

Current time around the world and standare time zone maps of the world.