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Abraham, Brad Magicians impossible F ABR
Bijan, Donia The last days of Café Leila F BIJ
Bolton, S. J. Dead woman walking F BOL
Box, C. J. Paradise valley F BOX
Brooks, Mike Dark sky F BRO
Cato, Beth Call of fire F CAT
Clemmons, Zinzi What we lose F CLE
Colgan, Jenny The café by the sea F COL
Coulter, Catherine Enigma F COU
Cussler, Clive The Romanov ransom F CUS
Davis, Fiona The address F DAV
Dee, Jonathan The locals F DEE
Delany, Vicki Body on Baker Street F DEL
DeMille, Nelson The Cuban affair F DEM
Denfeld, Rene The child finder F DEN
Mills, Kyle Enemy of the state F FLY
Follett, Ken A column of fire F FOL
Ford, Jamie Love and other consolation prize F FOR
Graham, Heather Wicked deeds F GRA
Griffiths, Elly The blood card F GRI
Gudenkauf, Heather Not a sound F GUD
Hannah, Sophie Keep her safe F HAN
Hooper, Elise The other Alcott F HOO
Howard, Kat An unkindness of magicians F HOW
Hudson, Gabe Gork, the teenage dragon F HUD
Jance, Judith A. Proof of life F JAN
Johnson, Craig The western star F JOH
Karon, Jan To be where you are F KAR
King, Stephen Sleeping beauties F KIN
Krauss, Nicole Forest dark F KRA
Kubica, Mary Every last lie F KUB
Lapeña, Shari A stranger in the house F LAP
Le Carré, John A legacy of spies F LEC
Lewis, Beverly The proving F LEW
Lynch, Paul Grace F LYN
Maden, Mike Tom Clancy point of contact F MAD
Mallery, Susan Secrets of the Tulip Sisters F MAL
  MatchUp  F MAT
Mayor, Archer Trace F MAY
McCrumb, Sharyn The unquiet grave F MCC
McDermott, Alice The ninth hour F MCD
Meier, Leslie Turkey trot murder F MEI
Meloy, Maile Do not become alarmed F MEL
Miller, Sarah Elizabeth Caroline F MIL
Montefiore, Santa The daughters of Ireland F MON
Hooper, Elise The other Alcott F MON
Morgan, Louisa A secret history of witches F MOR
Ng, Celeste Little fires everywhere F NG
Paris, B. A. The breakdown F PAR
Patterson, James Haunted F PAT
Perry, Anne An echo of murder F PER
Percy, Benjamin The Dark Net F PER
Quinn, Kate The Alice network F QUI
Resnick, Michael D. The castle in Cassiopeia F RES
Richmond, Michelle The marriage pact F RIC
Robb, J. D. Secrets in death F ROB
Rushdie, Salman The golden house F RUS
Sager, Riley Final girls F SAG
Schmidt, Sarah See what I have done F SCH
Snipes, Wesley Talon of God F SNI
Snoekstra, Anna Only daughter F SNO
Tanabe, Karin The diplomat's daughter F TAN
Tolkien, J. R. R. Beren and Lãºthien F TOL
Ware, Ruth The lying game F WAR
Chase, Eve The Wildling sisters F WIL
Wingate, Lisa Before we were yours F WIN
Broday, Linda Knight on the Texas plains PB BRO
Eaton, J.C. Booked 4 murder PB EAT
Large Print
Atkins, Ace Robert B. Parker's little white lies  F ATK LP
Brown, Sandra Seeing red F BRO LP
Castillo, Linda Down a dark road F CAS  LP
Colgan, Jenny The café by the sea  F COL LP
Coleman, Reed Farrel Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's sonnet F COL LP
Cook, Robin Charlatans F COO LP
Crichton, Michael Dragon teeth F CRI LP
Cussler, Clive The Romanov ransom F CUS LP
Dave, Laura Hello, sunshine F DAV LP
De Hahn, Tracee Swiss vendetta F DEH LP
Frank, Dorothea Benton Same beach, next year F FRA LP
Garlock, Dorothy The nearness of you F GAR LP
Garwood, Julie Wired F GAR LP
Graham, Heather Dark rites F GRA LP
Grafton, Sue Y is for yesterday F GRA LP
Graham, Heather Dark rites  F GRA LP
Green, Jane The Sunshine sisters F GRE LP
Gudenkauf, Heather Not a sound F GUD LP
Johansen, Iris Look behind you F JOH LP
Kietzman, Susan Every other Wednesday F KIE LP
Koontz, Dean R. The silent corner F KOO LP
Lapeña, Shari A stranger in the house F LAP LP
Lindsey, Johanna Beautiful tempest F LIN LP
Mallery, Susan Secrets of the Tulip Sisters F MAL LP
  MatchUp F MAT LP
Michaels, Fern High stakes F MIC LP
O'Neill, Heather The Lonely Hearts Hotel F ONE LP
Paris, B. A. The breakdown F PAR LP
Patterson, James The Store F PAT LP
Penny, Louise Glass houses F PEN LP
Quinn, Julia The girl with the make-believe husband F QUI LP
Reichs, Kathy Two nights F REI LP
Sager, Riley Final girls F SAG LP
Schmidt, Sarah See what I have done F SCH LP
Slaughter, Karin The good daughter F SLA LP
Tanabe, Karin The diplomat's daughter F TAN LP
Thor, Brad Use of force F THO LP
Todd, Charles A casualty of war F TOD  LP
Tyson, Wendy A muddied murder F TYS LP
Ware, Ruth The lying game F WAR LP
Woods, Stuart, Indecent exposure F WOO LP
Woods, Stuart Barely legal F WOO LP
Henderson, Bruce B. Sons and soldiers 940.53 HEN LP
Wright, James Edward Enduring Vietnam 959.704 WRI LP
McCullough, David G. The American spirit  973 MCC LP
Pierson, Lillian Data science 001 PIE
Hansen, Suzy Notes on a foreign country 070.92 HAN
Sinek, Simon Find your why 152.4 SIN 
Livio, Mario Why? 153.3 LIV
Rubin, Gretchen The four tendencies 155.264 RUB
O'Malley, Patrick Getting grief right  155.9 OMA
Burchard, Brendon High performance habits 158 BUR
Goleman, Daniel Altered traits 158.12 GOL
Brown, Brené Braving the wilderness 158.2 BRO
Moody, Dwight Lyman How to study the Bible  220.071 MOO
Greenblatt, Stephen The rise and fall of Adam and Eve  233.14 GRE
Shillady, William S. Strong for a moment like this 242.2 SHI
Whitwer, Glynnis Doing busy better 248.84 WHI
Jones, Dan The Templars 271.791 JON
Wright, Robert Why Buddhism is true 294.342 WRI
Arjana, Sophia Rose Pilgrimage in Islam 297.35 ARJ
Heinrichs, Jay Thank you for arguing 303.342 HEI
Foer, Franklin World without mind 303.48 FOE
Twenge, Jean M. iGen 305.235 TWE
Kendi, Ibram X. Stamped from the beginning 305.8 KEN
Andersen, Kurt Fantasyland 306.0973 AND
Aaron, Michael Modern sexuality 306.7 AAR
Sharif, Manal Daring to drive 320.082 SHA
Lilla, Mark The once and future liberal 320.513 LIL
Flake, Jeff, Conscience of a conservative 320.52 FLA
Morris, Dick Rogue spooks 324.973 MOR
Sexton, Jared The people are going to rise like the waters upon your shore 324.973 SEX
Tur, Katy Unbelievable 324.973 TUR
McGregor, Richard Asia's reckoning 327.73 MCG
Clinton, Hillary Rodham What happened 328.973 CLI
Robbins, Anthony Unshakeable 332.024 ROB
Briody, Blaire The new wild west 338.27 BRI
Gross, Jessica Berger Estranged 362.76 GRO
Murnick, Carolyn The hot one 364.152 MUR
Fountain, Henry The great quake 551.22 FOU
Lower, Christopher The easy low-sodium diet plan & cookbook 613.285 LOW
Larkin, Tim When violence is the answer 613.66 LAR
Brady, Tom The TB12 method 613.71 BRA
Bredesen, Dale E. The end of Alzheimer's 616.8 BRE
Omalu, Bennet I. Truth doesn't have a side 616.8 OMA
Fagan, Kate What made Maddy run 616.85 FAG
Higashida, Naoki Fall down 7 times get up 8 616.85 HIG
Hadid, Yolanda Believe me 616.92 HAD
Newman, Judith To Siri with love 618.92 NEW
Richter, Gary The ultimate pet health guide 636.7 RIC
  Ball canning back to basics 641.42 BAL
Waters, Alice, Coming to my senses 641.5 WAT
Swanhart, Kenzie Weeknight cooking for two 641.5612 SWA
Patrick-Goudreau, Colleen The joy of vegan baking 641.5636 PAT
Smart, Niomi Eat smart 641.5636 SMA
Amidor, Toby The healthy meal prep cookbook 641.5637 AMI
Sisson, Mark The Primal Kitchen cookbook 641.5638 SIS
Paster, Emily The joys of Jewish preserving 641.5676 PAS
Morante, Coco The essential Instant Pot cookbook 641.587 MOR
Rees, Anuschka The curated closet 643.3 REE
Rose, Arden Almost adulting 646.7 ROS
Acuff, Jonatha Finish 650.1 ACU
Dalio, Ray Principles 650.1 DAL
Scroggins, Clay How to lead when you're not in charge 650.1 SCR
Richard, Sebastien Lead like a superhero 650.4 RIC
Fagone, Jason The woman who smashed codes 652.8 FAG
Guillebeau, Chris Side hustle 658.1 GUI
Boggon, Sharon The visual guide to crazy quilting design 746.46 BOG
Jones, Dylan David Bowie 781.66 JON
Scott, Jonathan It takes two 791.45 SCO
Jericho, Chris No is a four-letter word 796.812 JER
Morrison, Toni The origin of others 808.3 MOR
Atticus Love her wild 811 ATT
  Stephen King and philosophy 813.54 STE
Hood, Ann Morningstar  813.6 HOO
Dalebout, Katie Let it out 818.06 DAL
Colbert, Stephen Stephen Colbert's midnight confessions 818.6 COL
  Jane Austen and philosophy 823.7 JAN
Lucey, Donna M. Sargent's women 920.72 LUC
Shapiro, Laura What she ate 920.72 SHA
Korda, Michael Alone 940.54 KOR
Wheelan, Joseph Midnight in the Pacific 940.54 WHE
Brennan, Thomas J. Shooting ghosts : 958.1047 BRE
Ward, Geoffrey C. The Vietnam War 959.704 WAR
Gregory, Dick Defining moments in Black history 973.049 GRE
O'Reilly, Bill Killing England 973.3 ORE
White, Richard The republic for which it stands 973.8 WHI
Litt, David Thanks, Obama 973.932 LIT
Sanders, Bernard Bernie Sanders guide to political revolution 973.932 SAN
Gingrich, Newt Understanding Trump 973.933 GIN
Markel, Howard The Kelloggs 977.422 MAR
  Remembering Diana B DIAN