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Graphic Novels

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Barclay, Linwood No safe house F/BAR
Black, Lisa Close to the bone F/BLA
Black, Robin Life drawing F/BLA
Bloom, Amy Lucky us F/BLO
Brown, Sandra Mean streak F/BRO
Brooks, Malcolm Painted horses F/BRO
Bryan, Helen War brides F/BRY
Cain, Chelsea One Kick F/CAI
Greaney, Mark Support and defend F/CLA
Coelho, Paulo Adultery F/COE
Cook, Thomas H. A dancer in the dust F/COO
Cussler, Clive The eye of heaven F/CUS
  FaceOff F/FAC
Fesperman, Dan Unmanned F/FES
Frank, Judith All I love and know F/FRA
French, Tana The secret place F/FRE
Griffin, W. E. B. Top secret F/GRI
Grossman, Lev The magician's land F/GRO
Harnett, Natalie S. The hollow ground F/HAR
Herbert, Brian Hellhole F/HER
Hoover, Colleen Maybe someday F/HOO
Hooper, Kay Haunted F/HOO
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew Don't look back F/HUR
Ironmonger, J. W. Coincidence F/IRO
Jackson, Lisa Close to home F/JAC
Karon, Jan Somewhere safe with somebody good F/KAR
Krueger, William Kent Windigo Island F/KRU
Kubica, Mary The good girl F/KUB
Lepucki, Edan California F/LEP
Lewis, Beverly The river F/LEW
Macomber, Debbie Love Letters F/MAC
Martin, Nancy A little night murder F/MAR
Maron, Margaret Designated daughters F/MAR
Mawer, Simon The glass room F/MAW
McCullough, Colleen Bittersweet F/MCC
McGuire, Jamie. Beautiful oblivion F/MCG
Moyes, Jojo One Plus One F/MOY
O'Dell, Tawni, author One of us F/ODE
Patterson, James Private down under F/PAT
Penny, Louise The long way home F/PEN
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Heroes are my weakness F/PHI
Preston, Douglas J. The lost island F/PRE
Quinn, Spencer Paw and order F/QUI
Rollins, James The 6th extinction F/ROL
Ross, Ann B. Etta Mae's worst bad-luck day F/ROS
Rowell, Rainbow Landline F/ROW
Scalzi, John Lock in F/SCA
Stone, Jonathan, Moving Day F/STO
Tanenbaum, Robert Fatal conceit F/TAN
White, Randy Wayne Haunted F/WHI
Willett, Marcia The sea garden F/WIL
Williams, Beatriz The secret life of Violet Grant F/WIL
Macomber, Debbie Starting now PB/MAC
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Bohjalian, Chris Close your eyes, hold hands F/BOH LP
Brown, Holly Don't try to find me F/BRO LP
Fluke, Joanne Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden cookbook F/FLU LP
Shaara, Michael The killer angels F/SHA LP
Siddons, Anne Rivers The girls of August F/SID LP
Steel, Danielle A perfect life F/STE LP
Woods, Stuart Cut and thrust F/WOO LP
Hall, Judy The encyclopedia of crystals 133.2548/HAL
Hall, Judy Crystal healing 133.25/HAL
Eason, Cassandra A spell a day for health, wealth, love, and more 133.44/EAS
McGraw, Peter The humor code 152.43/MCG
Raeburn, Paul Do fathers matter? 155.9/RAE
Kay, Katty The confidence code 158.082/KAY
McKay, Matthew Self esteem 158.1/MCK
Muldrow, Diane Everything I need to know I learned from a Little Golden Book 158.1/MUL
Byock, Ira The four things that matter most 158.2/BYO
Cloud, Henry, Never go back 158/CLO
Goldstein, Rebecca Plato at the Googleplex 184/GOL
Jeremiah, David Angels 235.3/JER
Taylor, Barbara Brown Learning to walk in the dark 248.4/TAY
Grant, Melissa Gira Playing the whore 306.7/GRA
Nader, Ralph Unstoppable 322.3/NAD
Harwood, Richard C. The Work of Hope 323.042/HAR
Greenwald, Glenn No place to hide 327.12/GRE
Haskins, Suzan The international living guide to retiring overseas on a budget 332.024/HAS
Kelly, Kate The secret club that runs the world 332.63/KEL
Tribe, Laurence H. Uncertain justice 342.73/TRI
Hurme, Sally Balch Checklist for family survivors 346.73/HUR
Couch, Dick Always faithful, always forward 359.9/COU
Dudley, Robert The drunken monkey 362.292/DUD
Gardner, Mark Lee Shot all to hell 364.15/GAR
Bernstein, Nell Burning down the house 365.42/BER
Demos, John The Heathen School 371.829/DEM
  The Brown reader 378.745/BRO
Harwood, Richard C. Why we're here 384.54/HAR
Stadiem, William Jet set 387.742/STA
Shivik, John A. The predator paradox 591.53/SHI
Braitman, Laurel Animal madness 591.5/BRA
Davis, Sampson The pact 610.92 DAV
Harper, Bob Skinny meals 613.25/HAR
  The 36-hour day 616..831/MAC
Butler, Katy Knocking on heaven's door 616.02/BUT
Moalem, Sharon Inheritance 616.042/MOA
Suskind, Ron Life, animated 618.92/SUS
Miodownik, Mark Stuff matters 620.11/MCO
Millard, Elizabeth Indoor kitchen gardening 635/MIL
Pellegrini, Georgia Modern pioneering 635/PEL
Fridono, Judy Ricochet 636.7/FRI
Lucero, Claudia One-hour cheese 637.3/LUC
Puck, Wolfgang Wolfgang Puck makes it healthy 641.5635/PUC
Brazier, Brendan Thrive energy cookbook 641.5636/BRA
Shepherd, Sue The low-FODMAP diet cookbook 641.563/SHE
Van Kraayenberg, Russell Haute dogs 641.66/VAN
Rettke, Amanda Surprise-inside cakes 641.86/RET
Lee, Stephen Kombucha revolution 641.877/LEE
Mallalieu, Nicole Claire The better bag maker 646.48/MAL
Kerr, Jolie My boyfriend barfed in my handbag-- and other things you can't ask Martha 648.5/KER
Rapinchuk, Becky The organically clean home 648.5/RAP
  Work your way around the world 650.14/GRI
Catmull, Edwin E. Creativity, Inc. 658.4/CAT
Morgan, Carol L. Social media 3.0 658.872/MOR
Chase, Nan K. Drink the harvest 663.63/CHA
Spagnuolo, Marc Hybrid woodworking 689/SPA
Frauenfelder, Mark Maker dad 745.5/FRA
Seddon, Tony Draw your own alphabets 745.619/SED
Morimoto, Tomoko New tatting 746.15/MOR
Turner, Sharon Teach yourself visually knitting 746.432 TUR
Northrup, Tony Tony Northrup's DSLR Book 774/NOR
Robinson, Lisa There goes gravity 781.66/ROB
Whitfield, Bill Remember the time 781.66/WHI
Sansweet, Stephen J. Star wars 791.43/SAN
Robertson, Courtney I didn't come here to make friends 791.45/ROB
Swanson, Ryan A. When baseball went white 796.357/SWA
Macur, Juliet Cycle of lies 796.6/MAC
Newsham, Gavin Sportonomics 796/NEW
Scottoline, Lisa Have a nice guilt trip 818.54/SCO
Gutfeld, Greg Not cool 818.602/GUT
Carolla, Adam President Me 818.6/CAR
Donne, John The complete poems of John Donne 821.3/DON
Dugard, Martin The explorers 910.922/DUG
  Fodor's Bermuda 917.299/FOD
Robinson, Alex Brazil handbook 918.1/BRA
Morgan, George G. How to do everything 929.1/MOR
Powell, Kimberly The everything guide to online genealogy 929.1/POW
Boyne, Walter J. Clash of wings 940.54/BOY
Hastings, Max Overlord 940.54/HAS
Bauer, Shane A sliver of light 955 BAU
Gall, Carlotta The wrong enemy 958.104/GAL
Hoffman, Carl Savage harvest 995.1/HOF
Bauman, Jeff Stronger B/BAUM
Morris, Sylvia Jukes Price of fame B/LUCE
Priestley, Jason Jason Priestley B/PRIE
Roberts, Robin Everybody's got something B/ROBE
Skyhorse, Brando Take this man B/SKYH
Graphic Novels
Kesel, Karl Captain America GN/CAP
Squarzoni, Philippe Climate changed GN/CLI