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Entertainment DVDs & BluRays
  The amazing spider-man 2 AMA/DVD & BR
  Amistad AMI/DVD
  Backdraft BAC/BLR
  Bleak House BLE/DVD
  The Blob BLO/DVD
  Brothers BRO/DVD
  Enough said ENO/BR
  Fireproof FIR/DVD
  Heaven is for real HEA/DVD
  Laws of attraction LAW/DVD
  Lone survivor LON/DVD & BR
  Miracle MIR/DVD
  Muppets most wanted MUP/DVD
  Noah NOA/DVD & BR
  Non-stop NON/DVD
  The other woman OTH/DVD
  Prom PRO/DVD & BR
  Psycho II PSY/DVD
  Rumble fish RUM/DVD
  Zombieland ZOM/BR
Television Show DVDs
  The adventures of Brisco County, Jr ADV/DVD
  Broadchurch BRO/DVD
  Doctor Who. The enemy of the world DOC/DVD
  Hetty Wainthropp investigates : series 1 HET/DVD
  Hetty Wainthropp investigates : series 2 HET/DVD
  Hetty Wainthropp investigates : series 3 HET/DVD
  Hetty Wainthropp investigates : series 4 HET/DVD
  Lark Rise to Candleford : series 1 LAR/DVD
  Lark Rise to Candleford : series 2 LAR/DVD
  Lark Rise to Candleford : series 3 LAR/DVD
  Lark Rise to Candleford : series 4 LAR/DVD
  The paradise. PAR/DVD
  Veronica Mars : the complete first season VER/DVD
  Veronica Mars : the complete second season VER/DVD
  Veronica Mars : the complete fourth season VER/DVD
  The wire : the complete fifth season WIR/DVD
Informational DVDs
  Clockwork Orange County 306.1/CLO DVD
  Heist 330.973/HEI DVD
  The future of food 363.192/FUT DVD
  A place at the table 363.8/PLA DVD
  Cardio sculpt intervals for seniors 613.71/CAR DVD
  How to hoop with the hooping life 613.71/HOW DVD
  Just walk 613.71/JUS DVD
  6 week six-pack 613.71/MIC DVD
  In home fitness 613.71/SUS DVD
  Tae Bo live 613.71/TAE DVD
  X-trainfit circuit burnout 613.7/CIR DVD
  Easy yoga 613.7/EAS DVD
  Harley's 5-factor workout 613.7/HAR DVD
  Hip hop abs dance party series 613.7/HIP DVD
  Jillian Michaels 613.7/JIL DVD
  Leslie Sansone 613.7/JUS DVD
  Leslie Sansone walk away the pounds yoga basics 613.7/LES DVD
  Longevity 613.7/STA DVD
  Weight Watchers 613.7/WEI DVD
  X-trainfit yoga 613.7/XTR DVD
  X-trainfit toning. 613.7/XTR DVD
  Advance your career 650.14/ADV DVD
  The complete job interview preparation course 650.14/COM DVD
  One night only 781.64/BEE DVD
Beyoncé Beyoncé 781.64/BEY DVD
  Live at Montreux, 2011 781.64/SAN DVD
  Sinatra 781.64/SIN DVD
  Black Sabbath live... Gathered in their masses 781.66/BLA DVD
  Cher live in concert 781.66/CHE DVD
  Chicago-- Earth, Wind & Fire 781.66/CHI DVD
  Epitaph 781.66/EPI DVD
Lady Gaga Lady Gaga presents 781.66/LAD DVD
  Joel, Billy. 781.66/LIV DVD
  Countdown to extinction live 781.66/MEG DVD
  Metallica 781.66/MET DVD
  Pink Floyd 781.66/PIN DVD
  Oceania live in NYC 781.66/SMA DVD
  Live from New York City 782.42164/EMI DVD
  Springsteen & I 782.421/SPR DVD
  Yanni live! 785.2/YAN DVD
  The Dean Martin celebrity roasts 791.45/DEA DVD
  Saturday night live 791.45/SAT DVD
  Cumberland zoning board meeting 7/9/14 DVD
  Dave Attell. Captain Miserable 792.23/ATT DVD
  Does this need to be said? 792.23/FER DVD
  Beer hall putsch 792.23/STA DVD
  Bill Cosby-- far from finished 792.26/COS DVD
  Thinky pain 792.26/MAR DVD
Ferguson, Craig I'm here to help 792.76/FER DVD
  T.J. Miller 792.76/MIL DVD
  Linsanity 796.323/LIN DVD
  Pride and perseverance 796.357/PRI DVD
  Freedom riders. 796.63/FRE DVD
  Rally legends 796.72/RAL DVD
  The trials of Muhammad Ali 796.73/TRI DVD
  Tomorrow will be better 796.756/TOM DVD
  Why we ride 796.75/WHY DVD
  Schooled 796/SCH DVD
  Going underground Paul McCartney, The Beatles and the UK counter-culture 941.085/GOI DVD
  Cuban missile crisis 973.922/CUB DVD
  Gurren lagann TV series 791.45/GUR DVD
Music CDs
Marley, Ziggy Ziggy Marley in concert 781.646/MAR CD
Ashanti Ashanti 781.64/ASH CD
Atreyu Lead sails paper anchor. 2.0 781.66/ATR CD
Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare 781.66/AVE CD
AWOLNATION Megalithic symphony 781.66/AWO CD
Biffy Clyro Opposites 781.66/BIF CD
Coheed and Cambria The afterman descension 781.66/COH CD
Disturbed Ten thousand fists 781.66/DIS CD
Frightened Rabbit Pedestrian verse 781.66/FRI CD
Globus Break from this world 781.66/GLO CD
Iron & Wine Ghost on ghost 781.66/IRO CD
Potter, Grace The lion the beast the beat 781.66/POT CD
System of a Down Toxicity 781.66/SYS CD
  This modern glitch 781.66/WOM C-DISC
Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. Angels and saints at Ephesus 782.527/ANG CD
Colburn, Michael J. From the Keyboard 784/FRO CD
Sullivan, Laura Love's river 785.2/SUL CD
Permutt, Philip Meditation workshop 158.1/PER CD
Tracy, Brian Business Start-Up Success Made Simple 658.11/TRA CD
Goodall, Howard The story of music 780.9/GOO CD
  Fibber McGee & Molly 791.44/FIB CD
  The whistler 791.44/WHI CD
Keaton, Diane Let's just say it wasn't pretty B/KEAT CD
Brontë, Emily Wuthering heights F/BRO CD
Giffin, Emily The one & only F/GIF CD
Gross, Andrew Everything to lose F/GRO CD
Heller, Peter The painter F/HEL CD
Lewis, Beverly The guardian F/LEW CD
Mayle, Peter The Corsican caper F/MAY CD
Milchman, Jenny Ruin falls F/MIL CD
Miller, Sue The arsonist F/MIL CD
Moriarty, Liane The husband's secret F/MOR CD
Bair O'Keeffe, Kristin The art of floating F/OKE CD
Owen, Lauren The quick F/OWE CD
See, Lisa China dolls F/SEE CD
Playstation Games
  Transformers PS3 370/TRA