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Entertainment DVDs
  About time ABO/DVD
  American hustle AME/DVD & BR
  Anchorman 2 ANC/DVD & BR
  Bad grandpa BAD/DVD
  Before midnight BEF/DVD
  The best man holiday BES/DVD
  The book thief BOO/DVD
  The hunger games : catching fire CAT/DVD & BR
  Dallas buyers club DAL/DVD
  Enough said ENO/DVD
  No se aceptan devoluciones INS/DVD
  Paradise PAR/DVD
  Saving Mr. Banks SAV/DVD
  12 years a slave / TWE/DVD
  The wolf of Wall Street / WOL/DVD & BR
TV Series DVDs
  The Five Doctors DOC/DVD
  Downton Abbey : series 4 DOW/DVD
  Family guy : the complete first season FAM/DVD
  Family guy : the complete second season FAM/DVD
  Family Guy : the complete third season FAM/DVD
  Family guy : the complete fourth season FAM/DVD
  Family guy : the complete fifth season FAM/DVD
  Family guy : the complete sixth season FAM/DVD
  Sharpe's Waterloo SHA/DVD
Informational DVDs
  My hope 252.3/GRA DVD
  Bridegroom 346.0168/BRI DVD
  Cropsey 364.154/CRO DVD
  Greedy lying bastards 577.22/GRE DVD
  Hip hop walk 613.71/HIP DVD
  Depression 616.85/DEP DVD
  Scatter my ashes at Bergdorf's 746.92/SCA DVD
  Good ol' Freda 781.66/GOO DVD
  Springsteen & I 782.421/SPR DVD
  Birth of the living dead 791.43/BIR DVD
  No refunds 792.23/STA DVD
  Kevin Hart 792.76/HAR DVD
  Secrets of the Tower of London 942.15/SEC DVD
Music CDs
  Walk the line 781.542/CD
Sandoval, Arturo Danzon 781.64/SAN CD
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Texas star F/ALB CD
Alcott, Kate The daring ladies of Lowell F/ALC CD
Anderson, Catherine Perfect timing F/AND CD
Armstrong, Kelley Omens F/ARM CD
Beaton, M. C. Death of a policeman F/BEA CD
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee Oleander girl F/DIV CD
Evanovich, Janet The chase F/EVA CD
Grippando, James Black horizon F/GRI CD
Johansen, Iris What doesn't kill you F/JOH CD
Kellerman, Jonathan Killer F/KEL CD
Lutz, Lisa The last word F/LUT CD
Macomber, Debbie Blossom Street brides F/MAC CD
McMahon, Jennifer The winter people F/MCM CD
Patterson, James Private L A F/PAT CD
Patterson, James NYPD Red 2 F/PAT CD
Scott, James The kept : a novel F/SCO CD
Shreve, Anita Stella Bain F/SHR CD
Tartt, Donna The goldfinch F/TAR CD
Playstation Games
  Dragon Ball Z PS3 352/DRA
  The Lego movie videogame PS3 353/LEG
  Castlevania PS3 354/CAS
Xbox Games
  Dragon ball Z XB 292/DRA
  The Lego movie videogame XB 293/LEG
  Castlevania XB 294/CAS
  Plants vs. zombies XB 294/PLA