Join the Friends of the Library!

The Friends of the Cumberland Library have been helping the Library since 1973. Besides the usual bake sales and other fund raising events, they run a very successful used bookstore that has earned over $175,000 in the eleven years it has been open. The Friends have donated thousands and thousands to the Library to purchase video games, furniture, museum passes, carpeting, AEDs, and programs for Children, Teens and Adults. Without their support the annual Summer Reading Programs would be difficult to maintain.
Supporting the Friends means supporting the Library!
Memberships start at $6.00 for Seniors all the way to $100.00 for Benefactors. Membership gives you a copy of the Monastery Reader and the satisfaction of supporting a dedicated group of volunteers who do so much for the Library. The membership form is available online at
You can also sign up by completing this form, completing it, and dropping it off or mailing it to the library with a check.
For more information, please contact the Friends at
They can’t do it without you!