Making YOU your first priority in 2018!

With the holidays and New Year’s Eve behind us, it’s a great time of year to look forward to the different ways that we can take better care of ourselves and to consider starting fresh on a clean slate—while many people use this as a time to inspire tangible goals that have physical resonance with ourselves, it’s also important to consider how we can better our mental health and wellbeing!

Freegal Service Discontinued

We are sorry to announce that the Cumberland Library will no longer be offering Freegal effective immediately.  Due to a lack of use and a hefty increase in price, we could not justify using our funding for this product.

However, we will be offering a new product that has not only music, but movies, audiobooks, ebooks, comics, and more!!! Hoopla will be available soon for use with your Cumberland Library card.  We will announce here and on our Facebook page once this new service has gone live.

Books with smiles for miles

Teen books are often known for their drama. Luckily, when you're not in the mood to be bogged down by conflict of the angsty variety, a host of hilarious teen books await you, perfect for all sorts of readers. Whether you like fantasy, realism, sci-fi, or history - there's a funny book waiting for you in this list.  Visit our funny teen book display this month (it's the one covered in emojis). Or just click the title to put a hold on one of these


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