Welcome Danielle and Candace!!!

You may have noticed a few new faces in our department recently! Rachael and Steven have moved on to full time professional positions in other states and while we are thrilled for their success, it did leave us feeling a little lonely at the reference desk. Don't worry though; we have added two new team members to fulfill your information needs!

One face is not so new, as you probably will recognize her from the circulation desk! Danielle has been with the library for 2 years and is working towards going to library school. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer and has already started working on programming for events like Harry Potter Day and Free Comic Book Day.  She always has a smile and a joke to offer so you will never be sad when Danielle is working!

Candace is joining us by way of the Burrillville Public Library where she has worked in reference for 9 years. She has vast art experience and we look forward to using that for programming such as jewelry making, drawing, and much more. She is anxious to meet you all and really get started here. Our first few weeks will be all about getting her acclimated, but after that, she will be off and running with new programs for you to enjoy!

Be sure to stop in and say hello- we are excited to introduce you to the newest members of the team!

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