Join the 2016 Cumberland Library Reading Challenge!


We’re making reading fun again this year at the library!!!  Even the most voracious reader can find themselves in a rut.  Or, maybe you have been so busy that you have not had a chance to look at a book in months.  Let us help you bring on the fun with this new challenge-and there is even the opportunity for prizes!

Need more convincing?  Here are some of the reasons the Reading Challenge may be for you:

  • Did your list of resolutions for 2016 include changing your reading habits?
  • Maybe reading has lost its magic for you and you want it back
  • Maybe you want to branch out your reading, but don’t know what other titles and genres you may enjoy. We can help!
  • Maybe you’ve become bored reading within your comfort zone.  No worries there!  We can recommend more books based on your interests than you could read in a lifetime!
  • Maybe you want to read more and a goal (and prizes) are what you need to light that fire
  • Or maybe you just like a good challenge!

This program is for all ages and reading abilities.  We do not care if you want to read popular titles, obscure titles, age appropriate titles, or even the classics and books made into film.  We just want you to get your read on with us this year.  Reading is a pleasure that everyone should be able to enjoy on their own terms with no shame.  That is why we are doing this-to bring the fun back to your books!

How it works:

1. Pick up a copy of the registration sheet in the Reference department (2nd floor) or download a copy here.

2. Choose twelve categories, and read one book for each of those categories. There is no need to pick your categories all at once.  Let your reading adventure guide your choices as the year progresses! (The list of categories is also on the back of the registration sheet for easy reference.)

3. Fill in your registration sheet with the titles you read and return the completed form to us by Dec. 20, 2016 to receive one entry into the prize drawing.

4. Sit back and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment – or pick up another form and do it all again! Participants can enter the challenge up to two times for prize entries, but we encourage you to read as many books as you can this year (and every year, of course)

 Reading Challenge – Ultimate Version:

Instead of choosing the 12 most appealing categories on the list, try picking 12  categories at random from the jar at the Reference desk and really push yourself out of your comfort zone!


            1. You may submit up to two drawing entries.

            2. Each book may be used to check off only one category.

            3. Each category may only be used once: if you choose to participate twice, you must

satisfy 24 categories!

            4. All entries must be submitted to the library by 12/20/16.


            Grand Prize - Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet

            Other prizes -  

     Cinemaworld gift certificate

                        Marylou’s Coffee gift certificate

                        Dave’s Marketplace gift certificate

                        …and several gift packs to make your reading even more fun!

 The categories and a downloadable copy of the form are available by clicking on the Reading Challenge slider above.  We will have lots of fun blog and Facebook posts and a chance to share your reading adventures if you like as the year goes on.  You have nothing to lose; join the 2016 Cumberland Reading Challenge and hang on for an exciting ride!

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