The Competition Heats Up!


Ok everyone, week three of the hotly contested race for the most beloved superhero and villain is underway!  We are down to the final four in each category.  For the Tournament of Champions it is Batman vs. Wonder Women and Captain America vs. Wolverine. And for the Legion of Chaos it is Catwoman vs. The Joker and Loki vs. Magneto. 

New Reader's Advisory Service!

We are trying something new on the 2nd floor!  We have always been happy to help you find the perfect book for whatever your mood desires, but now, you can sign up to have your next great read emailed to you!

For the month of February, we are testing out a new survey which will help us to pick books for you based on your interests, prior reading pleasures, and other tidbits of information from your survey.  If this service is popular, we will expand it so that you can receive monthly recommendations!  So, stop by the 2nd floor and let us help you pick your next great read!

A Tribute to the Ferguson Public Library

We have all been watching the news with more horror and sorrow than usual lately.  The riots in Ferguson, Missouri have hurt our collective soul in a way we have not seen since 9/11.

In all of the sadness, it is important to remember that there are many amazing people in Ferguson who love their town and see better days ahead.  To that end, we want to salute the local library for doing all they can to show support for their community and help to mend the many wounds that are wide open right now.


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